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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 28, 2012 1:00am-1:57am PST

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>> back to you, greg. >> thank you very much. that does it for the show. see y'all later. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: the debating is done before the florida primary, but the tough talk is far from over. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. the final weekend before the next step in the 2012 campaign is shaping up to be a bruising battle. as newt gingrich and rocky balboa continue to hammer away at each other. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in cape canaveral tonight, a few days before the florida primary. >> reporter: according to latino voters, they doubted the debate and them gration views -- immigration views. >> i believe to protect legal immigration we have to stop
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illegal immigration. >> newt gingrich made no mention of the debate and renewed atake that naive -- attacked a possibly he said naively expect self-deportation. >> the idea that grandmother is not going to be supported and the idea he is will self-deport? this is a fantasy. >> gingrich had called romney anti-immigrant, in a spanish language radio ad. romney counter attacked last night. >> that is inexcusable. the idea i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. recognize having difference of opinion on issues does not justify labeling people with highly charged epithets. >> reporter: gingrich had an off night with four days to the florida primary. asked about romney off-shore account, gingrich balked. >> i'm happy to say on an interview in a tv show, but this is a facial debate where you have a chance to get the
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four of to us talk about range of things. >> rick santorum had a strong night but is hurting for cash. he is returning to pennsylvania for fundraising and do his tax return, which he promised to release. >> when gingrich defended his plan for manned moon station, ron paul quipped that a few members of congress should be shot to space. romney attacked gingrich's idea. >> i spent 25 years in business. if i had a business executive come to me and say they wanted to spend a few hundred billion dollars to put a colony on the moon i'd say you're fired. >> florida's economy has taken a serious hit as nasa has been downsized. near cape canaveral, romney did not pander with projects oproject --new projects. >> in the past, i'd come here to promise hundreds of billions of dollars. i'm not going to do that. >> in two debate performances this week, gingrich had none of the game-changing moments that were the hallmark of his performances prior to his big
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used carolina win. skills t delivered a critique of romney care. >> everybody is mandated as a condition of breathing in massachusetts to buy health insurance. if you don't, if you don't, you pay a fine. >> santorum has the knack of just falling short. victory in iowa muted by delayed recount. today's latino endorsement mitigated by loss of another. governor of puerto rico endorsed romney after santorum heaped praise on him last night. >> give a shout out for the governor who is a friend of mine. i know him and his family. we used to go to church together. >> he lacked organization to get the people to endorse him and get delicates behind him. >> but santorum may is staying power. foster freeze vowed to contribute more. >> santorum may pin his hopes on other states like missouri to replicate what he did in
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iowa. he spent a year there. luxury no longer available to him in any state. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >> bret: it will be interesting. please join us monday as "special report" hits the road. we'll be live from tampa florida, 6:00 p.m. eastern. tuesday, of course, primary night coverage begins with "special report" at 6:00. >> president obama's post "state of the union" tour continued today. the focus was the high cost of education. but he also found time to talk to the party about the re-election effort. >> at a retreat, president obama looked toward november election. >> you have had my back through tough times. i will have your back as well. together, we'll move the country forward. >> mr. obama called on democrats to work with
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republicans when they can and to call them out when they can't. earlier he rallied students at the university of michigan. at the end of a trip selling the themes of his "state of the union" address. his aides deny the trip or the address was part of the re-election campaign. though he visited five battleground states and showcase policy issues to appeal to supporters. on this day, he told young people the government should cut aid to colleges that don't control tuition hikes. >> you can't assume you will jack up tuition every year. if you can't stop tuition going up, the funding you get from the taxpayers each year will go down. >> that is an expense of the government power republicans are unlikely to go along with. but alternative energy use, roll back of the bush administration upper income tax cut that republicans call class warfare, a rebuilt manufacturerring sector is opponent of stronger economy. vice president biden says they
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are politically appealing enough to help the democrats win back control of congress. >> i tnk >> they see the republican party at the worst for the year 2012. right now, they are trying to pick a presidential nominee. attacking one another. the erase the republican 44 seat majority. unless president obama wins re-election by a big margin, which is why some republicans are nervous about making newt gingrich the standard bearer because gingrich polls poorly against obama now. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. the u.s. economy grew at an annual rate of 2.8% in the final three months of last year. the commerce department says the gross domestic product for all of 2011 was 1.7%. roughly half the growth of the previous year. the worst since the recession. the dow finished the week on a down note. losing 74. the s&p 500 was off two. nasdaq gained 11.
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greek officials met again today with predators as they seek a deal on debt relief. international debt inspectors are in athens to negotiate terms of a second bail-out. spain's government says 5 million people are out of work there. a quarter of its population. spain is one of five european nations whose credit rating were gut by the fitch italy. the head of the world economic forum in switzerland offered to meet with members of the occupy movement. we will tell you about a "special report," evening news exclusive that was unintentional. that is later in the grapevine. up next, why is the u.s. threatening to cut off military aid to egypt?
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>> bret: in international news, search effort resume today for those missing two weeks after the italian cruise
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ship disaster. a crew member from the costa concordia filed a lawsuit in chicago against the ships owners. the owners today offered lump sums of about $15,000 a piece to uninjured passengers as catccompensation. a suicide bomber blew up a car at a funeral procession in baghdad. 32 peak were killed. dozens more wounded. attacks predominantly against shiites killed at least 200 people since the start of the year. the u.s. is trying to get egypt's attention yanking on the purse strings a bit. the new leaders of the country continue to prevent american aid workers from leaving. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has an update. >> thousands converged on cairo's tahrir square to mark the one-year anniversary of the day of rage that pushed president hosni mubarak from power, the obama administration threatened to cut military aid unless democratic progress was tangible. the issue came to a head
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because at least six americans including the son of transportation secretary ray lahood are barred from leaving the country. in a phone interview, sam lahood told fox news they're safe, but -- >> my mind set has kind of changed since the travel ban was put in place, where we're kind of expecting the worst. there hasn't been a lot of movement. something has really changed. >> the state department confirmed that. >> we are continuing to work on this collection of issues as we discussed yesterday. we do not have progress since yesterday. sorry to report. >> in a phone call last friday, president obama warned egypt de facto leader that the month-long criminal investigation of sam lahood'srii and other democracy building organizations would need congressional requirements were unmet and the aid would be blocked. since 1979 in the peace treaty with israel, the u.s. has given egypt an average of $2 billion a year in economic and military aid. roughly 80% of the total aid going to egypt is in the form of military grants and other help. under new legislation, secretary of state clinton
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must certify the egyptian government is supporting the transition to civilian government before the money is released. >> i'm not going to get in to the specific back and forth with the egyptian government. but they certainly are well aware of the certification requirements that the congress placed. >> iri was one of 17 organizations raided by egyptian authorities in december. lahood said dozen of the group from the u.s., europe and egypt are effected. >> there are 300 organizations reportedly involved in this investigation. this is much bigger than just iri or myself. >> sam lahood told fox he and his colleagues are essentially trapped in egypt. a judge there alleges they work for unregistered group and took a salary. lahood said charges in the trial if it came to that could last a year. >> bret: thank you. activist in syria say government violence against dissenters is spiking. correspondent reena ninan tells us there are also issues of foreign involvement. >> reporter: they were greeted like war heroes,
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although the battle isn't close to being over. this is a syrian 3 army, a group of activists looking to overthrow syria's president bashar assad. of them have even defected from the army. >> today the group released a video showing what it claims are members of the iran revolutionary guard, captured at home. to aid president assad's crackdown on prodemocracy protesters. the men are speaking farsy. the i.d. and passports were displayed. iran contends they were just engineers working on a power plant in syria. also, protesters say dozen of people including children were killed in the past two days. protesters call a terrifying massacre. >> residential neighborhoods were mortared and hit with machine gun fire. the city has faced some of the most severe fighting in the ten-month uprising.
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bodies line the ground. in an attempt to stop the bloodshed, the u.n. security council held a closed door session to discuss the crisis. russia, permanent member of the security council said it would veto any resolution that called for assad to step down. in jerusalem, reena ninan, fox news. >> bret: the two brigades are the 170th and the developing nuclear weapons. the comment was made today at the world economic forum in switzerland. word that iran may stop oil exports to europeanrst, is it we your money to pump up the green energy
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>> bret: the chairman of the national labor relations board
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said he will push for new laws giving unions a boost in organizing members. republicans and many business leaders oppose that idea. if it comes, it comes rather as the government reports the share of unionized workers has fallen to 11.8%. the lowest level since the great depression. overall union membership was up by 50,000 last year. the federal government is launching a w campaign against fraud in mortgage backed securities. those are the packages of sometimes worthless mortgages that bankrupt many investors and contributed to the financial crisis. the attorney general says he wants to expose abuses and hold violators accountable. many people contend taxpayer investment in green energy is also risky business. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel takes a look at some of the evidence. >> received $118.5 million department grant.
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now the parent company ener 1 filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. republican lawmakers call it the latest example of the taxpayers losing on the administration's green energy experiment. >> this is a jobs program, you know, according to the president, that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars and is wasted money. in a time when we have $16 trillion in debt, over 8% unemployment. we've got to have programs that make sense. >> a year ago, the vice president was highlighting ener dell as the obama administration goal to put 1 million advanced technology vehicles on road by 2015. mr. biden confused the name with another ill-fated energy company. >> we believe americans are ready to embrace that transition. you folks, you folks standing right here on this floor, enron 1, are on the ground floor of that transformation. >> ener 1 bankruptcy comes after the failure of two other government backed renewable companies. solar panel maker solyndra received $535 million in loan guarantees and filed chapter
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11 in september. energy storage company beacon power received $43 million loan and sought bankruptcy protection in october. all with taxpayer support. the president explanation in his "state of the union" address was these companies aren't always successful. >> some technologys don't pan out. some companies fail. >> even today at the university of michigan, mr. obama made his pitch for alternative energy. >> i don't want to see the wind or the solar or the battery industry to china or germany because we were too timid. we didn't have the imagination to make the same commitment here. >> energy officials say operations at ener dell will continue in the restructuring and the company is not expected to eliminate jobs at the indiana facility. but kensinger still has concerns. >> the company files for bankruptcy because they're in trouble. in fact, the interesting thin, ener 1 made number 67 out of the white house 100 companies that are changing america. and this is a scary proposition. >> what irritates republicans is the president is holding up
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the keystone xl pipeline, traditional energy, which they argue would create at least 20,000 jobs and would be funded with private investment and not tax dollars. bret? >> mike, thank you. california adopted sweeping new auto emissions standards. they include a mandate to have 1.4 million electric and hybrid vehicles on the road by 2025. that works out to one out of every seven new cars sold. the secret service is investigating an arizona police officer whose facebook page featured a picture of him and several other men with guns posing next to a bullet ridden t-shirt with the image of president obama. the peoria, arizona, police officer and police force there are conducting an internal probe. how did tens of thousands of people manage to rally in washington this week and almost no one in the main stream media notice? the answer in the grapevine. plus, jesse jackson takes on the
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>> bret: now fresh pickses from the political grapevine. monday correspondent shannon bream covered the annual march for live rally that saw tens of thousands of pro-life supporters along with some pro-choice demonstrators, descend on the nation's capital. however, if you were watching the big three broadcast networks, you wouldn't have heard a peep about the event. you would have been in the dark, too, if you were reading the print version of the "new york times."
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not one word. the washington examiner featured seven pictures of the event, but none of pro-life activists. until the payment waspdatated days lateer the only images in the slid shohow were pro-choice supporters. the media research center notes the tens of thousands bravely keep coming to the capitol in all kind of bad weather every january fully aware that the objective national media will pretend they don't exist. reverie jessjajackson is hoping the grammy recording academy will sing a different tune when it comes to cut in nomination category. last april they announced they were consolidating categories and linking the list from 109 to 78. jackson has demanded a meeting with the organizatn president and is threatening a protest at the february 12 event. the "new york times" reports some musicians have complained the cuts discriminate against
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ethnic groups. latin jazz musicians have filed a lawsuit claiming the reduction did tm irreparable harm. how much would you pay for a used 2005 chrysler sedan if it was driven by then senator barack obama? the owner is auctioning the car on ebay with an asking price of $1 million. so far, no bids. abc notes the kelly blew book value is $14,000. ♪ ♪ top story at the bottom of the hour, mitt romney and newt gingrich continue to slug it out. polls show them fairly close. the personal attacks between the candidates are not the only sources of contention in florida this weekend. correspondent phil keating reports there is much debate about how the vote willing b conducting in the future.
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>> ♪ god bless america >> reporter: once again, florida and its election laws recently changed by the republican controlled legislature are being challenged in the court. and today in tam parks by democrats of the u.s. sub committee on civil and human rights. >> with what we went through in 2000, we ought to make it easier to cast our ballot and easier to register to vote. >> the most obvious change for florida voters early voting. which is underway for tuesday's republican primary has been reduced from two weeks to eight days. and will be eliminated the sunday before election day in november. in 2008, barack obama and democrats benefited by a surge in minority votes on that sunday. >> anytime you get a law that reversed to reduce the nberr of persons in this case who can vote, of course. that is jim crow another his best. jim crow, the wife, the children, and all of them.
1:30 am
the whole jim crow family. >> republicans say this is not some master plan to suppress democratic votes. many.o.p. lawmakers are not talking because they're under subpoena. but the party chairman says the chananges are about saving tax dollars and reducing voter frfraud. >> if citizens don't have faith. in one election, one vote, then it has no meaning. no value. >> in protest has for the first time in 72 years suspended voter registration. >> the impact so far has bee to create 1 drop. 10-point drop in the percent of registered voters in our state. >> study last fall by the liberal leaning brennan center for justice, found 15 states change election laws that could impact 5 million voters in november. amonghahanges requiring a government photo i.d. or proof of citizenship to vote. >> the idea that requiring an
1:31 am
i.d. to cast a ballot which is the most important thing we do in this country, that is suppressing a vote is absurd. >> the lawsuit by the league naacp and aclus still i scovery phase. another review required u under 1965 voting rights act for all southern states with a history of voter discrimination is ongoing in the nation's capital. three-judge panel is expected to rule this spring with plenty of time before november. in tampa, florida, phil keating, fox news. >> bret: we will talk about the heated floda primary and the rest of the 2012 news when the fox all-stars join me after the [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money. by taking over our bank accounts.
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i thought it was a delightful debate. i loved it. you wee energetic and part of that debate. thank you. >> ihink tre are a bunch of folksepresent the old order, they attack ralald
1:35 am
reagan in 1980 the same way. they are looking at a national poll that shows me ahead of romney 52-39 in a go-way race. recognizing if i come back as president i will be for dramatic bold change. they're terrified. >> romney and gingrich today in florida. romney referring to the debat as delightful. newt gingrich not so much. he said this -- it's the most blatantly dishonest performance by presidential candidate i've ever seen. look at the latest poll. quinpyiapoll romney8%, gingrich at 29%. the rest of the feel there. the sunshine state news, vss poll and vss is republican rmrm. romney 40, gingrich 31. real clear politics average, this averages the recent
1:36 am
polls. there you can see the spread, 3838.7. 31.5. with that, let's bring in the panel. jonah goldberg. liz melantes. seasonedcated columnist charss kuthahammer. jonah, start, reactnn to the bait and fall-out today. >> i thought it was romney's best debat i a long time. the mostmportant performance in a long time. i thwarted the momentum. in large part with assistn rick santorum with a better perfmance d stole newt's shtick in a lot o waysndnd help romney inhe process. the audience, the gingrich campaign is saying that the dienence was packed with pro-romney people. it wouldn't surprise me if that happened but who cares before newt complained that audiences weren't allowed to
1:37 am
cheer. i like to b pro-ggrich i any respect but i think tha romney doing what he had to do. >> bt: foror the previous debate, the republican party in the stass has been in charge of the tketiting. i think thatas the case last night tthe flori g.o.p. who o t where was the party. play a back and forth on the issue of fannie mae and freddie mac between gingrich and r romney. >> we discovered to our shock, governor romy owowns shares of fannie mae and freddie mac. governor romney made $1 million off o selling that. >> i don't own in stock in either fannie m or fddie mac. there are nds t the investor held in mutual funds. inonow that soundsike an enmous revelation. but have you checked your own instment? you also have investments in mutual funds.
1:38 am
that inves inn freddie mac and fannie mae. >> bre your reaction to the exchange? >> a terrible moment for ngririch. putting aside the question of voters are going to rele to this back and forth over who has what invesents. >> bret: or a blind trust -- >> not something mt voters can relate t putting it aside, a terblble moment for gingrich. he wasn't ready for it. how could you not have been ready for that? this is sometng you have attatacked for days it was characteristic of the whole debate. romney was scessl not just attacking gingrich in the previous debate but cornering him in many instaeses. a stron debebate for romney in that sense. wantt toake a quick p point. another reason strong debate for romney for the first time in the whi heot to right of gingrich on a number of issues. beuse e it's florida and
1:39 am
gingrich really tried to stake out some ground for political reasons on issues like immigration, l likepacece, he really left himself vnerable to romney attacking him from the e right. thats a big reasonhahat romney wnergize at the debate and energized the crowd at the debate as well. >> theinner on points ntntorum. he had great night. he not onlyammemered rney, th weakt mentt h had santorum went after hum like a prososecor.. >> bret: let m play sound bite fro that exchang >> what mitt romney just said is that the government-run todown medicinis working well in massachusetts and he supports it. that means goingp ainst barack obamaho claims that top-wn medine doesn't work and we should repea hecht will say wait minute,
1:40 am
governor, you said that t todown government-n medicine inassasachettsts workwewell. fos, we can't give this issue away in the election. >> aer 1 18 debates, somebody finally pled the issue in frt ofofomneney. in a wayhat was so stark and clear he dn't have a good answer surprid that it tooook 18 debates. th proroblem for santom he was thendercardrd. really is n not, he i going homeme to his homstate. he is n not going to be in florida tomorrow. he has giv up on it. heilill be hanging in tre.. theeain event was romney-gingrich. in that battle no muss. a moment tha ggrich ask for a truce. he was on the warpath in south carolina. romney said no. you saomething aut the ofhoreccounts s annow y dodon't want to talk a aut it. hensted on the battl continuing. that was an imptant ment.t. >> bret:s itour sense
1:41 am
that gingrich came in that debate witthee strategy that they think i'm going to go all south carola on thehem. and i'm going to tryoolalay back and be calm. and above thi do you sense that was the strategy? >> i if he h one newt h the confidee ofof thinking he doesn't have t have strategy or gamearinine. he can go to a plalayoff game o wing it. he winging i all h life. intelligent an a agilen debate. thouought he could d it. if he had plan, it looks a ifif i i'll play statesmsman, ad noand losingteam. i donon'tavave to do the fighting and i d it before. di w wl. he lood uncerertain. mneyey had assurcece. that was the key. a wee a ago on h wealthnd a attking gingrh h he lookoked hitanant. lookeds if he w was hidin stf. south c carolina debate looks as
1:42 am
ifif when hee attacke g gingrich lookok like a guy showi up to a street fht in three-piece suit and st of flingng it's beneath him. wt aer gingrhith energy andssssurance. thatat is whahat ihihink swayed the crowd. i heard a lot of anastss today y y it seemed likike romney got to the iue of acceing hihis wlthh in a public way. th was o okay witheople.e. yeah. charles hit on a key tng. one reon w why gingrh i surging the waye hasas been there is f flop sweat panic. rt off aot of conservatives that oh, man, rney may not u up tohe job. if he can't put gingrich away, what a weoingng to do? th whole campaign rionale is electable,lectmae. he wasn't looki electable. thisisas the first timehat he offered rssuranance h c ghtt it out.
1:43 am
rtf it cameo gri with i'm a rh g. important partf i >> bret: bk to santom. you look atisampaign sttegy and e essentiallyff they do each oer har a unvorabl go upnd mebody implodes. then i'm there. wher i the strateg after flida? >> you are aeady hearingng is he a angling for v.p. slot? >> tough heahce deba iff was for.p >> igreeee. i t think santorum's pbl, he s had mantrong debates. this is not the fir one where ihoughthte was strg. there wereome ely on he didn't get aention for i hehe comes a across s since. he'sery smart andnows t issue. the e problem r storurum is the s stare gap problem. heoesn't quite ce to that
1:44 am
same levelelhere v voters c can y he c cou go t tooeoe with the president a ededible. newt ginicich fo f foibles est have the statu g oblelems. >> bret: r ron paul,os likae, mosost oneininers,ostt consistent on s msage. noa lf foreignolicyy last night a lotffeople saiaid i l le thisuy 6 >> h he d a g gat answer. what wouldou doo on the phone wi raul castro,e said i'd ask him why didid y call?l? thth was n a prepared answer t he gav i it inn a whiical lf-wink. thth is rt oikle a aut hihim. atat why i thinkt takeses the e sentntl f o a lot of his more e extre onions. he a g t ttss reay hard not too like. >> bre next up, t friday lighin rnd.
1:48 am
>> bre every weeviewer voteten y yr c choic onle in r fridayightning rou poll. this weeeek, cse allay. finanall jon's pick woo with 46% % he ve. >> mreacti was theoon peopleoted a against me and now th must be punished.d. decided innhe spiritf unifng t the be, wre goioing to talk abo the moon. >> bret: oka wi that,e'll play t this und bibite. ta a lisisn. by the end o of my second rm. cering ] we wl have the fst perment ba onhe moon. andt willl be american. >>f had a busines exutive come to me anday they wantetopendew
1:49 am
hured bibilln dolls to put colony o the moon i'd say you're fed. i don't think wee should g go theheoon. i thinkaybe we shoululd sendd some politiciansp there. y.>>ret: okay. at a aut it, jonah >olitically crazy for him too it.t. lunacy, shl w we say. at tamame te, budgeget crisisnd h heas aeputation fobeing grandiose. same tim i i fin it s how ch people are mking it. bebecause, going to e moon,n, ving m moonase wouldave a wondndful thihi. th crazierhing i ihe statemens he talng about his second term already. >> bret: liz? >> i agreeee. ihinkhe bigst proem we haveeenn wit gingrich a you see it oftith politicianwhen he gets prov wng, sometim thehere a tdency toto doubl dn ansay no, really, i'mig. u e wro toeocking mee this. this isne of thorease edededo l l itt go a andacack away. the wholole line of a attackrom the rney campaign is this guis czy. you k kw,t'sot h helpful t to have himim then o there throwing ideas toeed thahat
1:50 am
image. > crles? >> wantt to cme jonahn a clean campaign he ran, cocoidering at the mnies nt segegivive, showing huge holdings in green cheese. i tug thatas rlly unrhand. ok, as you know,w,'m moooon guy. ii believe in the space program ani wouldav hoped thatt ama h hadn' cceled consteteatiothatould h he ha us wit at least return trip by 2020. ving aase withh 1 100 peoplen it,eallllys out the. ii think that the reason it rtnenewt i i plays in the steotype of aa gho has ideas that a outhere. i mn, ii think he might have mped t shark withh this on >> bret:ext up, egy. thsituationn there, the adminiration thrteneto cucuoff milary aid, unlnls the democratirocess in egypisangie. metimeme, th sonon off thehe transportati secretary ray hood is being barreredrom aving there wh about t thi and thehe situation ingyptpt. chars? >> puzzlzlg. the e lyxplation i the
1:51 am
miliry thinkthe fure is in allianceith thehe islamist whoon he majoritities in t t parlment. the pesky leral urbanes o startetethe revolution thatet less than 10% o the te are an irritant bause ososguys gfter ttrt an demsttete f a quier ocesss wreas the islamts are patitient an wilng t t she perith the mititar so the are tryg toorack down onhe lerals and the americanand otrs whoelp them.. otherwise makes no sse at alall. bret:t:iz, thousandss converged tahr sqsquare to mark the onene-year anniversary of that dayf rage that push h hos m mubakak out. yeah. i mn, ihinkllf ts just ehasizezeshe fact that this is stilln ongoing ory. weave don't knowwet where the ar spring is takg us. wh kind off future it't's going to unfnfol there. i would justayay tha this rticulartory i i think has just higightedoranany erics ththe facthatte are ging $1.3 billion aidid to egypt ever year. and th is somhing that h
1:52 am
comeme up occasiolly in repupublican debates. and u know, m may comee up agaiaiin t the general ection. >> bret:t: jononah? >> first, sa the international reblican initite in t theemocratic opposite d fantastic wor these are not peoeople trying to undermrme or not radicals. they're ingg fantaic work to support democcy. ame whwhat is happeni the. shows tt thera spring may be ming to musli winter, wherere you he the musl bthererod, bicalally the moderates in t parliant.
1:56 am
>> bret: we just found out in the break there actuality was a campaign to get theotes. congralations, jonah. there s been a lot of tk from the gingrh campaign and
1:57 am
supporters having it out for the form speaker. no doubt a number of republics around washington and around the country have not hidden their concern. this is one analyst's assessment. >> if newt gingrich is abl to win t florida primary, you will see a panic and a meltdown of the replic establishment that i beyond my ability to articulate in the english language. >> yeah. [ lahter ] >> there is no english word for thatind of meltdown. the closest is the german cloustfuken. [ laughter ] >> bret: it's friday. join us monday as "special report" will be live from tampa, florida 6 p.m. eastern time. tuesday, of course, primary coverage begins wit"special report" at 6:00. live from america's election headquters.


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